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 Oil Cleaning Systems

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Oil Absorbent Pillow, Chemical Absorbent Pillow, Universal Absorbent Pillow

Pillows filled with fibres are generally use for Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) clean up; Oil, General Maintenance (oil & water) and Corrosive Chemicals.

Made of specially spun Polypropylene (PP) material, these absorbent Pillows are for small Hazmat land watersheds and shoreline spills clean-up efforts. They have high retention and absorption characteristics.

Oil Absorbent Pillows are also ideal for placing it in drains for long periods of time, to lift oil off water; it does not absorb water (hydrophobic) and will only absorb oil (oleophilic). Single use item, to be disposed of by incineration or in accordance with regulatory authority guidelines as Scheduled Waste.

Oil Absorbent Pillow Malaysia

Oil Absorbent Pillows (White)- Absorbs Oil only does not absorb water.

Universal Absorbent Pillow Malaysia, Chemical Absorbent Pillow Malaysia

Universal Absorbent Pillows / Chemical Absorbent Pillow (Grey) - Absorbs effluents of oil and water mixture.