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 Oil Cleaning Systems

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Minimac ?

Minimac is an oil purifying equipment capable of removing solid, liquid and gaseous contamination from any oil. Minimac can be used in various configurations and applications with machines using hydraulic oils, engine oils, compressor oils, gear oils, transformer oils, turbine oils, transmission oils, industrial oils and synthetic oils.

Depending on the capacity and configuration of your oil tanks, we can customise our Minimac Oil Cleaning System to serve your needs.

Removal of solid contaminants up to 1 micron, complete removal of liquid contaminants like diesel and moisture, keep the oil at an unbelievable NAS 5, which is 5 times better than new oil. (New oil is at NAS 10-12).

Why should we use it?

- Enhanced machine life
- Reduced maintenance costs
- Increase in oil life indefinitely, resulting in no more change of oil
- Increased efficiency of the machine
- Reduced oil leakages
- Reduced waste oil generation
- Less energy consumption
- VJ Engineering serves the social cause - oil is a gift from nature, lets conserve oil
- Quick return on investment

Who should use Minimac Oil Filtration System?

There is a Minimac Oil Cleaning System for every lubrication oil purification need. Tell us what your oil consumption is, tell us what the oil tank capacity is and tell us your rate of oil change, we will come up with the best system configuration for you. Some popular applications used in Minimac Oil Cleaning System are:

  • Diesel engines
  • Injection moulding machines
  • Hydraulic press
  • Clamping machine
  • Hydraulic system of any earth moving vehicle

Check our Products page of the website to find out more about which configuration most friendly for you machine.

Why Minimac Oil Filtration Systems is different from others?

There are oil cleaning systems available in the market with part (one or few of Minimac 's features and functions) - but none of them provide all those functions in one single product and at such a low economic cost as Minimac Oil Cleaning Systems.

What is the scientific fact upon which Minimac is based?

Oil does not wear out mechanically. It can be reused indefinitely as long as it is kept clean. This scientifically proven fact is accepted by chemistry and lubrication experts throughout the world. Check our Technology pages to understand more about how it works.

Does the colour of the oil have any bearing on its lubricating ability?

None whatsoever. Detergent oil will turn a dark blue-black after it is heated. Non-detergent oil will turn a reddish brown. Most diesel engines will turn oil black in the first few minutes of running time. The only accurate way to determine oil's value or contamination level is through spectrographic analysis.

Will the installation of Minimac Oil Filtration System have any adverse effect on the machine?

Definitely not. It must be remembered that the Minimac is installed as an accessory to the engine oil pressure system. This means that the Minimac does not come between the oil pump and any moving part of the engine. If the electric heating element fuse blew or the inlet strainer became blocked for any reason it would only result in the oil becoming gradually contaminated - as it would under normal operating conditions without Minimac - until the problem was corrected. The unit Minimac cannot in any way obstruct the flow of oil to the engines' moving parts.

Will the Minimac Oil Filtration System cause a drop in oil pressure which might affect the engine?

No. The quantity of the oil passing through Minimac is carefully controlled to prevent any drop in the oil pressure that would affect the normal operation of the engine in any way.

Does Minimac Oil Filtration System affect oil additives and detergents which are contained in new oil?

Minimac does not affect oil additives and detergents in any way. Since the oil is kept constantly clean, there iis little worl for most additives to do. Those that are being used, such as anti-scuffing agents, are replaced when make up oil is added to the engine.

Can the Minimac Oil Filtration System be installed on a new engine before it is broken in?

Yes. Our Minimac Technology aids in the break-in period and ultimately contributes to longer life of the engine by removing excessive metal particles that circulate through the engine during this period and are below 40 microns in size. These are not usually trapped by the engine's full flow filters. If the engine comes with special break-in oil, just follow the manufacturer's instructions after installing the Minimac Oil Cleaning System.