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Millipoer / Millipore Patch Testing Kit / Jet A1 Field Test Kit / AVGAS Field Testing Kit

Millipoer Patch Testing Kit

This Millipore / Milipoer Patch Testing Kit is required for checking the NAS / ISO cleanliness class of oil sample. Results can be drawn in NAS class using comparative chart of NAS - 1638 (1999) format.

We are offering to our esteemed clients a wide range of ISO And NAS Millipore Patch Testing Kit. These testing kits that we offer are fully equipped with superior quality materials which is used for checking the NAS level of the oil sample efficiently. Designed and developed as per the ISO 4406 quality standard, these kits find wide applications in various industries. Owing to its superior quality, extraordinary performance, high precision and durability, this range is widely appreciated by our clients all across the nation and overseas.

Millipore Vacuum Pump Malaysia, Millipore Patch Membrane Filter Paper Malaysia

Millipore Vacuum Pump, Millipore Patch Membrane Filter Paper and Consumables

We also offer Millipore Patch Test Kit Consumables including Millipore Patch Membrane Filter Paper and Millipore Vacuum Pump of various model. Please contact us with your requirement for the model you wish us to quote.

Polluvision® Test Kit - GESERCO, FRANCE

Lubricating oil particle contents test kit

Polluvision Test Kit - Geserco - Malaysia

The GESERCO POLLUVISION® test kit is designed for easy and rapid monitoring of particle contents into lubricating oils.

It enables:

  • Particle count
  • Particle sizing
  • Particle recognition (copper, silicon, iron, dust, fibers, organic particles, glaze, sludges...)
  • NAS1638 or NFE48655 classification
  • ISO4406 classification

The test is simple and easy to operate, and the kit includes all accessories and tools for filtering and analysis of 68 oil samples. as well as a comprehensive test interpretation guide. The POLLUVISION® test kit enables the engineer to make immediate decisions for maintaining and safe guarding the lubricated equipment.

Millipoer Patch Testing Kit

Millipore Patch Testing Kit - USA

VJ Engineering also supply Millipore (USA) Patch Testing Kits and assemble original Millipore components at a economical and affordable price. Our products are being sold widely in world market as the price is highly competitive. These equipments are widely used to check condition of lube oil / hydraulic oil. They can also be adopted to use for checking Millipore value of manufactured components.

Jet A-1 Field Test Kit

Jet A-1 Field Testing Kit-Malaysia

Full Portable Complete Quick Jet A-1 Testing Kit (Suspended Water) complete with Aluminum carry case, 500ml Glass sample jar, 500ml Tin Storage can, PVC gloves, hydrometer jar, hydrometer 0.775 to 0.825, Thermometer ASTM 12c/IP64c, -20 to +102c, nylon syringe, Shell Water Detector capsules and complete with instructions for use.

Avgas Field Testing Kit

Avgas Field Testing Kit-Malaysia

Fully Portable Avgas test kit, complete with Hydrometer Jar, Hydrometer 0.700 to 0.750, Thermometer IP49c -15 to +45oC, Kolor Kut Water Finding Paste, Kolor Kut Gasoline Gauging paste, Water Finding paper Strips and 500ml Glass sample jar.