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Multiparameter Data Acquisition Instruments

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Current Meter

The S4 Current Meter may be used in any body of fresh or salt water, and can be deployed up to 6,000 meters deep. The S4 can be configured for water column profiling and wave measurements.

As a system, the S4 can provide real-time data display either by hard wire, radio telemetry or satellite link to a base station.

The versatility, size and reliability of the S4 has been consistently proven in varied applications including: polar applications (through the ice deployment), sediment transport, outfall and plume dispersion modelling, low flow internal wave studies, hurricane and typhoon monitoring.

Current Meter Malaysia

It is particularly useful:

  • in wave zones where its excellent vertical cosine response is needed;
  • in low current regimes where exceptional stability and resolution are needed;
  • in very high flow regimes where low drag and lack of moving parts permit practical deployment without concern for fragility;
  • for long deployments where memory capacity and user programmability are needed.

CTDs / Multiparameter Probes

CTDs Multiparameter Probes Malaysia

CTD and Multiparameter Probes provide precise and simultaneous in-situ measurements, with a choice of parameters that can include Conductivity, Salinity, Temperature, Depth, Sound Velocity, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Turbidity, Specific Ions, and Redox.

The systems provide a unique combination of very high accuracy for the typical oceanographic parameters of Conductivity, Salinity, Temperature, Depth and Sound Velocity combined with very reliable sensors for Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Turbidity, and Redox. Deployment of a single system, therefore, efficiently provides comprehensive data for a number of scientific disciplines at one time.

The probes, with an appropriate selection of measurement parameters, data display, and recording options are ideal for use by environmental scientists, engineers, and oceanographers. The small size, rugged construction, and DC operation of the equipment make it easily portable for work on land or for small boat operations.

The systems operate effectively in lakes, rivers, coastal and estuarine waters, and open ocean areas of the world. Outputs from the sensors are transmitted via multi-conductor cable to a surface data display module or computer.

Wave / Tide Measurement Gauge & Systems

Wave Tide Measurement Gauge & Systems Malaysia

Model WTG904 series of wave and tide gauges are based on highly accurate silicon semiconductor strain gauge pressure sensors. The pressure sensor is isolated from the installation environment by an oil-filled chamber. The sensor and electronics are contained within a rugged corrosion resistant housing. Below are some of the advantages:

  • Easy to Use
  • Versatile, Small and Lightweight
  • Barometric Pressure Compensated
  • Rugged, Corrosion Resistant Design
  • Cost Effective Solution
  • Available for Varied Uses
  • Decrease Deployment Costs
  • Increase Deployment Times

The WTG904 Series can be used with existing communication and spreadsheet software for graphic and tabular data display and editing. Utilize software programs such as Procomm, LabView, Quattro Pro, Excel, Lotus1-2-3, MatLab, or any program that accepts comma delimited data files.

Software for Current Meters and Oceanographic Instruments

Software for Current Meters and Oceanographic Instruments Malaysia

Below are the available softwares for Current Meters and Oceangraphic Instruments:

  • S4 Application Software For Windows - Next-Generation Software for InterOcean Family of S4 Current Meters and Oceanographic Instruments.

  • Wave for Windows - Ocean Wave analysis and display program for complete statistical description and reporting of the wave climate at a specific location using the time series pressure and velocity vector data collected by an S4DW or S4ADW directional wave instrument.

  • S4 Telemetry Software - Allows connection to remote instruments via direct cable, wire modem, RF modem, or satellite link. The software acquires, processes, displays and stores all oceanographic, meteorological, and directional wave data from an S4 and optional meteorological instruments in real-time.

  • S4 Web Telemetry Application Software - The user defines the hydrographic parameters to be displayed. Password protection is available. Applications include distribution of data for Scientific Research, Vessel Traffic Systems, Harbor/Navigation Monitoring, Offshore Platforms and Terminals. This software module links any of the above applications with the World Wide Web.