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Minimac Technology

Minimac is a product designed and developed in Germany. The product has been field tested for crucial oil characteristics (TAN, TBN, NAS, Viscosity, Moisture content, Flash point etc) under tough conditions in India on a variety of applications.

Minimac 's strength lies in the simplicity of its technology. Minimac cleans oil in two stages. In the first stage, oil under pressure passes through the Minimac replaceable filter made of compressed cellulose. Here the solid contaminants like carbon, dust, metals, varnish, gum etc are removed by the process of absorbtion and then adsorbtion.

Minimac removes solid contamination upto 1 micron and hence manages to keep the oil at the extremely clean level of NAS 5/6.

In the second stage, the oil passes in the form of a thin film through the unique Minimac evaporation chamber under controlled temperature conditions. Liquid contaminants like water, coolant and fuel are evaporated here by "thin film evaporation theory" without heating the oil and evaporation products are vented out of the chamber.

And Minimac Solutions implementing this Minimac Technology in all the Oil Cleaning Systems produced. Read below to know more on how Minimac implementing this klarol techonology.

Minimac Oil Cleaning Systems Technology Process

klarol technology process

How Minimac Oil Cleaning Systems Remove Solids

How Minimac
 Remove Solids

In first stage it removes the solid particles like metal and carbon up to 1 micron in replaceable cellulose filter by absorption and adsorption.

**Depth Type filters have better dirt holding capacity, efficiency & micron rating surface type filters

How Minimac Oil Cleaning Systems Remove Water

How Minimac
 Remove Water

In second stage the oil follows the “Thin film evaporation theory” for removal of liquids like moisture. For faster evaporation, the atmosphere above the oil film is made dry and unsaturated by a 75W heater at the top of the unit. Evaporation products are vented out and purified oil flows through the outlet.

** Technologies used for Moisture Removal are Thin Film Evaporation & Vacuum Dehydration

Minimac Oil Cleaning Systems Benefit & Applicability

 Oil Cleaning System Benefit & Applicability