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Water Glycol Cleaning Machine

Water Glycol Cleaning Machine

Our organization offers highly efficient Water Glycol Cleaning Machine where by the complete volume of the filter serves as a filtration media and provides efficient filtration of dust, metallic particles, sludge, soot etc. Below are its benefits:

  • Filtration Capacity: NAS 4-5 Cleanliness Class
  • Moisture Removal Capacity: less than 50 PPM or 0.005% moisture level
  • Oil Viscosity handled: 0 – 150 cSt
  • Oil Grades handled: Water Glycol, Hydraulic, Lube, Turbine Oil, Gear Oil
  • Higher Oil Life: Retains Viscosity, TBN, Flash Point
  • Prevents Valve Failures due to removal of sticky sludge
  • Prevent Pump Failures due to removal of Micronics particles
  • Increases bearing life due to moisture free oil